How Can I Pay For Nursing School?

how can i pay for nursing schoolOne of the most common questions we get asked at Nursing Programs HQ is “How can I pay for nursing school?”

Many people want to get into the healthcare profession but are worried about the financial costs of attending an accredited nursing school.

There are actually quite a few ways to get financial support to cover your nursing college tuition fees, books, uniform, living allowance, rent and all the other costs associated with studying nursing full or part time.

Right now there is a huge demand for trained nurses and this will only skyrocket over the next 20 years. This is because America’s population is aging quickly and millions more elderly people are going to require healthcare treatment.

You can use this to your advantage to get your nursing college fees and other costs paid through grants and scholarships provided by hospitals themselves. Because of the high demand for nurses, it has never been easier to get financial support for your training.

Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities and both State and Federal Governments are all handing out money to help nursing students pay for their education. So the question should not only be “How Can I Pay For Nursing School?” but also “Where can I pick up the money?”

“How Can I Pay For Nursing School?” – Ask Your Nursing School For Help

When you apply to a nursing school always make sure that it is fully accredited. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that an accredited nursing school will give you a proper nursing education and train you properly.

But just as importantly, many nursing schools offer scholarships and other financial assistance. This is designed to help pay for your nursing education and assist all those students who keep asking “How Can I Pay For Nursing School?”. Nearly all nursing schools have finance officers whose job is to help students obtain the money they need to take care of tuition fees and everything else required while studying nursing.

“How Can I Pay For Nursing School?” – Ask Your Local Hospital

The last time a student asked us “How can I pay for nursing school?” we pointed them straight in the direction of their local hospital. As we mentioned at the start of this article, hospitals are becoming increasingly desperate at attracting qualified nurses. And this is only going to get worse for them in the next couple of decades.

Ask your local hospital if they run programs that will pay all or part of your nursing education. Many hospitals are now committing to helping pay nursing student’s fees as long as you commit to work for them for a number of years after you have completed your studies.

So basically you get your nursing education paid for but also have a job waiting at the end of your training. It’s the perfect scenario. Usually you are able to complete your clinical studies at the hospital during your training and also work paid time to make extra money while you are studying. This is a great way to get financial support but is regularly overlooked by those nursing students who keep asking “How Can I Pay For Nursing School?”

Even if you don’t get employed as a nurse while you are studying, you can always work at your local hospital as a lab technician or even as a receptionist. Check whether the hospital will reimburse your tuition expenses once you are working there or pay the costs upfront and give you a small monthly allowance to cover living expenses.

Another resource that is often overlooked mainly because very few people know about it, is the Nurse Reinvestment Act. This source of funding covers your nursing grant loan repayments if you agree to work in areas that have a shortage of nurses once you have finished nursing school and are a qualified nurse. The Nurse Reinvestment Act will help you out if you help them out.

“How Can I Pay For Nursing School?” – Ask For Money From The Government

If you haven’t heard of FASFA, you should take note. The long name is Free Application for Federal Student Aid and it is available to all students in the United States who can apply for state and federal loans and grants to help cover the cost of their education.

So if you are a nursing student crying out “How Can I Pay For Nursing School?”, simply fill out a form and apply for government financial aid. You usually need to do this by the end of January to qualify for financial help based on your own or your family’s income. Some FASA loans are interest-free, other are not. Some are for individuals, others are for families. Some don’t even have to be paid back. Other FASA grants are distributed through the nursing schools themselves.

Look into a FASA grant as soon as you can because they are often distributed on a first-come, first-serviced basis. You will have to fill in various forms and submit financial information about your situation but that is normal for any type of loan or grant. And FASA nursing grants are much more attractive than taking a loan to cover your nursing education from a bank or financial institution where you will pay high interest rates. Remember, if someone asks you “How can I pay for nursing school?”, tell them to get the government to pay it for them.

“How Can I Pay For Nursing School?” – Ask For A Nursing Scholarship

The great thing about a nursing scholarship is that you don’t have to repay the money. Once you receive the scholarship the money is yours. Currently there are all sorts of nursing scholarships available in every state. The best places to start looking for them are the The American Association of Colleges of Nursing, The National Health Service Corps, The National Student Nurses Association, Minority Nurse and Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students.

Nursing scholarships are usually made available through private donors so spend some time looking at what is available in your state. Nursing scholarships can often be for tens of thousands of dollars and this can make a real difference when you are studying. And also answer the question “How Can I Pay For Nursing School?”

Nursing is a great profession with a lot of career opportunities. And because of the drastic shortage of nurses in the United States and our rapidly aging, the demand for qualified nurses is only going to keep increasing.

But the age-old question of “How Can I Pay For Nursing School?” keeps raising its head all the time particularly in this tough financial environment. Nursing colleges and universities can help you out if you ask. So can your local hospital through grants and nursing scholarships. But you need to make the first move if you are serious about a career in nursing and undertaking an accredited nursing program.

We hope that you take advantage of these tips to get financial support so you can complete a nursing program either at nursing college or online. Follow these tips and will never have to ask “How can I pay for nursing school?” again.

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